森本 邦裕

小山 文子
伊井 真実


ケヴィン 【講師リーダー】ケヴィン先生 
“I am not a teacher but an awakener”. This quote by the American poet Robert Frost sums up my teaching philosophy. For me education is not simply the filling of young minds with information but giving children the tools to enter new worlds. I don’t teach English! I teach children using English. Your son or daughter will learn to read, write, sing and explore the world around them through the English language. As a team, me, you the parents and your child can start on the path to success .”


ジョーダン 【講師】ジョーダン先生 
Young people are and always will be the future. With the right skills, attitude and heart, they can achieve anything.
I want to help, teach and equip young Japanese to be just that. Whether it is through the teaching of English,art, music or just life values. I am excited to see the change that will come to Japan through these young people in the future.


ジョアンナ 【講師】ジョアンナ先生 
The early years of children are essential for their development. As a teacher, I will do my best to create a loving, safe, stimulating, and fun learning environment for everyone to reach their full potential. I believe that children learn best not just by reading and studying books but through playing. Play gives children the chance to explore themselves, the world, and their capabilities. Play also allows children to learn English. Through the structured activities and free play, they learn vocabularies to equip them to become better in English.


シグモンド 【講師】シグモンド先生 
‘Having fun’ and learning are often not concepts that go together. As a teacher it is my goal to foster a Safe, Energetic, Global, Meaningful, Uplifting and Insightful environment for the children at PALCL. My teaching philosophy is to ensure every child has the opportunity to develop not only their English ability but to be able to grow into respectful, intelligent and positive young adults. I ensure that every moment in the classroom is engaging and fun so that the children can enjoy learning English inside and outside the classroom.



下夷 淳一
中村 元子
寺野 愛子